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Who better than our customers can talk about the quality of our products?

Here are some testimonials from satisfied clients. The fidelity our customers are showing by coming back to us year after year gives us full confidence in the superior quality of our products and services.

Lucie and Guillaume

FrigoViande customers for the past three years, we are still as satisfied as we were in the beginning. The first meeting with our representative, Guylain Bouchard, went extremely well: he kept things simple, friendly and we dare say, quite funny! His professional presentation and explanations allowed us to understand that we could indeed get a great deal by purchasing our meat through FrigoViande!

There’s a lot to like about FrigoViande, be it the quality of the meat, the quick delivery or the vacuum-packaging: we can’t do without anymore! And there’s such a big range of products to choose from that we can try different things from one order to another. We’ve been loyal customers for 3 years now and we’re definitely here to stay!

Lucie Lecours and Guillaume Dubois


I’ve been renewing my contract with FrigoViande every year for the past 10 years now, and I’m still very satisfied – it’s hard not to be with the quality and variety of meat products available. Like many others, I need to make the best use of my time, but that doesn’t mean that making sure my family eats well is not a priority. FrigoViande’s concept is a perfect solution and allows me to never be caught short when guests join us.

The efficiency of your services also has to be mentioned: an representative that helps me select the products and quantities that suit my needs; a home delivery service; the quality monitoring; and the possibility to exchange, once bought, any product that I’m not satisfied with – something I can’t imagine another butcher doing....! In addition, the personnel is professional, courteous, thoughtful and follows up on our questions and comments: overall, an excellent service!

Johanne Beaudry

Joanne and Yvan

I’m very satisfied with your company. I personally only have good comments. By the way everyone I’ve had contacts with, from the sales representative to the receptionist to the billing staff and the delivery people, everybody is always very courteous. The quality of the meat is not comparable with that of the grocery store. I like this concept because I’m never caught off guard when friends or family drop by unexpectedly. Congratulations to the whole team and I hope you’ll be there for a long time.

I would like to thank you for the offer of getting us high quality bacon, knowing that this is a special product that you only offer to a few select customers. It’s very appreciated.
We would also like to add big thank you to the whole FrigoViande crew for the excellent service we receive: thanks and congratulations to everybody.

Here’s a perfectly satisfied customer.

Joanne Boyer and Yves Gagnon

Vincent Gingras
Saint-Herménégilde (Qc.)

My family and I are very happy with the services provided by FrigoViande. The prices are reasonable, and the quality of the various cuts are fantastic. Moreover, the variety of grocery products is growing and getting better and better every year. The main quality of this concept lies with its flexibility. For example, if after six months you find out that some meat cuts are not to your liking, you can exchange them for something else and modify your next order accordingly. If you’re sometimes skeptical about grocery meat, I sincerely believe that FrigoViande is the answer you’ve been looking for.

Vincent Gingras

Chantal Beaulieu
Grand-Mère (Qc.)

Hello, I’ve now been a client of Frigo for 4 years and am still very satisfied of the quality of the products. The meat is always fresh and thaws rapidly; it’s like having a butcher at home. No need to run to the grocery store for supper anymore, we just open the freezer and choose!

Chantal Beaulieu